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We are trying to get the word out!  If you are planning on arriving at the hotel before 4:00 pm on Thursday, June 25, 2015 please take note of this message Ann received from the hotel management today.

“Check-in is typically at 4:00pm and we always try to accommodate your group no later than 3:00pm, however, this year, we have a group that will be checking out Thursday at 11:00 and housekeeping will need to rush to turn and clean these guestrooms really fast to have your group checking in early.  They will do their very best to try to clean rooms and have them ready for 3:00pm, however, we can’t guarantee them early check-in.  If they come in and their room is ready, we will be more than happy to check them in early.”

Gumbo's Latest News and Updates:

USA Dance Membership:

We want to remind you that you must go on line at www.usadance.org and sign up for or renew your membership if you are not currently an athlete member of USA Dance.  Proof of membership must be presented in order to pick up your competition package.  In addition, you must also provide a photo ID at package pick up.

Hotel Reservations:

Rooms are still available at the Holiday Inn Constitution at College Drive, 4848 Constitution Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808.  Their telephone number is (225) 448-2030.  Ask for the USA Dance Gumbo DanceSport room block.  This hotel is just across the parking lot from the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Competition Schedule:

Although we planned the tentative schedule in an effort to spread the competition evenly over the three days, we find that it is necessary to move two events from Saturday daytime to Friday evening.  Even with this move, Saturday is going to be a very full day.  Events being moved to Friday evening from the Saturday schedule are:

                Senior III PreChamp Smooth

                Senior III Championship Rhythm

Workshops Schedule Set:


                     3:30PM to 4:20PM      “International Rumba: The Look!”

                                                                Karita Yli-Piipari, Instructor

                     4:30PM to 5:20PM      “Dramatic Tango”

                                                                Damian Pataluna & Irina Morozova, Instructors


                     3:00PM to 3:50PM      “Update Your East Coast Swing”

                                                                Dan Calloway, Instructor

                     4:00PM to 4:50PM      “Dancing as One through Partnership”

                                                                Karita Yli-Piipari, Instructor       


Senior IV Dancers:

A reminder that this is your National Championships; therefore all National Championship rules must be followed.  Dancers, please bring one of the following with you to comply with the eligibility rules:

US Birth Certificate, US Passport, US WDSF card, current foreign passport plus current US Visa or Green Card, or Non-Resident Alien Card.

WDSF Events:

Anyone dancing in WDSF events must present their current WDSF Card at check in.

Dancers in the Saturday Evening Session:

All dancers in the Saturday evening session will have their dinner served in the Bayou-Levee Room of the hotel at 6PM.  This will be served buffet style, with the option for you to box your meal and take it with you.  If you have special dietary needs and you are on the list to eat at 6PM, please contact Ann at (504)722-4800 or fliprann@aol.com.

Standard Syllabus Dancers:

There are a limited number of rooms available for late check out on Sunday.  If you are among the dancers on Sunday morning and need a late check out, please contact Ann right away to secure a late check out at fliprann@aol.com or (504)722-4800.

Hair and Make Up Appointments:

Contact Elizabeth Cartier with Purple Tiger Hair and Make Up at (941)681-5277 or by email at ecartier77@yahoo.com.


If you need spectator information, a package can be downloaded from the Gumbo website at www.gumboofballroom.org.

Thank You Donors:

The Gumbo Team wishes to thank all who have donated scholarships to be awarded this year.  We appreciate your generosity and support of your fellow athletes.

May 27, 2015

All hotel rooms in the block rate of $94 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel are sold out.  Rooms are still available on the concierge floor at $124 per night through June 4th by calling the hotel at (225) 925-2244.

To better serve you, we have established a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn next door to the Crowne Plaza.  It is just a short walk across the parking lot.  This is for standard king and double rooms at $94 per night.  We have included an exterior and guest room photo of the hotel to show you that it is a fairly new facility.

                Holiday Inn Constitution at College Drive

                4848 Constitution Ave.

                Baton Rouge, LA 70808

                Telephone number (225) 448-2030

                Ask for the USA Dance Gumbo DanceSport room block.


If you have any problems making room reservations please contact Ann Durocher at fliprann@aol.com or by phone at (504) 722-4800.


All competitors dancing in the Saturday evening session will have their dinner served in the West Wing of the hotel at 6PM that evening.  This will be served buffet style, with the option for you to box your meal and take it with you.  If you have questions regarding this or you have special dietary needs, please contact Ann.

May 19, 2015
VIP Seating on Saturday Night Sold Out!  As expected the VIP seating on Saturday night is sold out.  We anticipate a small number of VIP seats may not be used by our sponsors.  If this happens we will offer them for sale on a first come, first sale basis.  Please email Charlie Clement at clementcr@live.com if you wish to be placed on the waiting list.

May 9, 2015

Senior IV Dancers:
The Senior IV events are USA Dance National DanceSport Championship events; therefore National Championship rules must be followed.  Dancers, please bring one of the following with you to comply with the eligibility rules: US birth certificate; US passport; current US WDSF card; current foreign passport plus current US Visa or current Green Card or current Non-resident Alien card.

WDSF Events:
Anyone dancing in WDSF events must present their current WDSF card at check in.

2015-A USA Dance Rulebook:
The 2015 rulebook is now on the website at www.usadance.org.  Please download and review your competition rules prior to participating in the Gumbo.

Costume Rules:

Adults are now allowed to wear costumes (Rule 3.11.8).

Teachers must follow the dress requirements for Youth syllabus or lower age syllabus proficiency levels (Rule

Students must dress based on the age category, proficiency level and dance style (Rule

Age Category Rule Change:

Athletes are now allowed to dance two consecutive age categories in any one dance style.  Prior to this rule change, dancers were only allowed to dance two consecutive age categories in any one competition (Rule

Proficiency Points:

The new proficiency point guideline is now available.  See Rule and in the new rulebook.  Points will only be calculated from events that qualify for National Championship (Rule  Points will only be calculated from such events at NQE's and at Nationals (Rule  Proficiency Points are now being calculated for all athletes beginning with the 2008 Nationals; however, this is not expected to be complete until around the first of July at which time the information will be available on line.  With that in mind, Gumbo competitors are asked to dance at the proficiency level they estimate is appropriate.  The 2015 Proficiency Point Guide for Athletes is available on the website atwww.usadance.org.  Questions regarding proficiency points are to be directed to the Eligibility Chair at ds-eligibility@usadance.org.

Approved Syllabus Information:

The approved syllabus information is no longer a part of the USA Dance Rulebook.  Instead, the 2015-A Syllabus Guidebook is available on line at the USA Dance website.  This document is very thorough, complete with pictures, and serves as an excellent supplement to the DanceSport Rulebook.  We encourage all teachers to download the document and use it as a resource.

Valid USA Dance Membership Cards:

USA Dance rules no longer allow competitors to join or renew memberships at the registration desk at NQE's.  Please be sure to renew or join before you arrive at the Gumbo.

April 24, 2015

USA Dance is encouraging all NQE’s to adopt a competitor entry fee and a per event fee.  They are asking us to do this so the NQE’s will be in line with USA Nationals.  USA Dance hopes to have a similar fee structure and registration process for USA Dance competitions.

For the Gumbo, the entry fee per competitor is $90 if you take advantage of the early entry fee.  This fee includes your banquet seating and meal on Saturday night and entrance to the ballroom for all sessions of the Gumbo.  In previous years, the early entry fee was $130.  This fee is selected at Step 5 in the registration process on O2CM.  If you neglect to add these fees, we will charge them to your account. We are also asking you to tell us what type of meal you wish (regular or vegetarian).

April 16, 2015

Senior IV Nationals

A reminder that you are not required to qualify to participate in the Senior IV National Championships.

USA Dance Membership

You must be a member in good standing at the appropriate level of membership prior to arriving at the competition site.  We suggest that you resolve any membership issue prior to registering for the competition.  That way you have a valid membership number in the database.  In order to dance, we must be able to verify your membership in the system, so don’t wait to join if you are planning to compete.

Photo ID

We require a photo ID in order to pick up your competition package.  Bring it with you.  The only exception is young dancers who do not have school ID’s.  A parent may present his/her photo ID instead.

Teacher-Student Events

Teacher-Student has replaced Mixed Proficiency.  This means a teacher (pro or amateur) may dance with his or her students in the Gumbo.  For this year only, we are running these events much like the Mixed Proficiency events, but rules specific to Teacher-Student are forthcoming.  This will add lots of fun to the Gumbo, so dancers are encouraged to bring along their instructors.  Better yet, bring all of the instructors from your studio with their students.  What a blast!  We are less expensive than typical Pro-Am and we have lots more fun.  If you have any questions about this new offering, please call Ann at (504) 722-4800 or email at fliprann@aol.com.

Master of Syllabus

This is a new event offered at the Gumbo this year.  It is being offered in all four dance styles, with only syllabus figures being danced.  These four events are open age group and open costume.

Adults Can Costume

Beginning this year the USA Dance rules have changed to allow adults to costume.  You will be happy to know that a costume check is not required.  But, read the rules anyway because there are costume guidelines for all dancers.

On Line Registration Only

We have decided to go to online registration only.  If you need help getting registered, contact Charlie Clement at (225) 202-2212 or by email at clementcr@live.com.

You may down load a registration package by clicking


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