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February 16, 2015:

Are you ready for some Gumbo, as in Gumbo of Ballroom?  Well, the Gumbo team is ready for you to sign up and join us this coming June 26-28, 2015.  Registration is now open and the menu is set for a fantastic weekend.

Check our website at www.gumboofballroom.org to find out the details of what we have on the menu this year for all of our dancing friends, old and new ones.

In addition to the 2015 USA Dance Gumbo DanceSport Championships, which is a qualifier for the 2016 USA Dance National Championships, we will host the 2015 Senior IV USA Dance National Championships.  We are excited to hold this prestigious event for the third year and we look forward to the return of the 2014 champions to defend their titles.

But, that’s not all you can expect at the Gumbo this year!  For the first time the Gumbo is offering Senior III and IV WDSF Open Standard events.

Also, replacing Mixed Proficiency is the new Teacher Student category and the Gumbo has been selected as the site to launch a trial of this new era in USA Dance’s line up of competitive events.  For dancers who love competition and are without an amateur partner, this is an opportunity to experience the excitement and fun of the Gumbo of Ballroom with their instructor.  Please look up the rules for the Teacher Student category on the Gumbo of Ballroom website.  During the refinement of the complete set of rules and sanctioning rights of this new category, the Gumbo has been granted the right to establish sporting rules for Teacher Student at this year’s event.

Yes, we truly are a Gumbo this year, as we have events for all!

For more information about registration contact Charlie Clement at clementcr@live.com or Ann Durocher at fliprann@aol.com.

We hope to see you in June.


Ann, Charlie and the Gumbo Team

You may down load a registration package by clicking  Registration_Package_15.pdf
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February 15, 2015

Our Fundraiser Auction is now open.  If you would like to place a bid on any items or if you wish to "Buy It Now", please email Charlie Clement at clementcr@live.com with your bid.  Bids will be updated daily at a minimum if not more frequently.  

As the vouchers from local and regional instructors are returned, we will be adding additional lessons to our list.  The "Buy It Now" prices for instructor lessons will be their normal rate for an hour of instruction.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated items to the fundraiser auction,  Your generosity is appreciated. Thank you for supporting the Gumbo Fundraiser!

by Phyllis Nola

14" x 18" Original Acrylic
on canvas
(Shipping not included in price)

Minimum Bid: $75
Buy It Now! $200
Current Bid:

Adult or Senior
Competitor Entry Package

Includes Registration Fees for 2 Adults or Senior Competitors with unlimited entries in amateur events

Minimum Bid: $195
Buy It Now! $270
Current Bid:

"Crab de Lis"
by Daniel Rhodes

Hand Colored Original Print
Signed and Numbered Artist 
Proof 1/36     11" x 14"
Exquisitely matted and framed
by the Artist
(shipping not included in price)
Mininum Bid: $100
Buy It Now! $225
Current Bid:

 PreTeen - Youth Competitor

Competitor Entry Package

Includes Registration Fees for 2
PreTeen - Youth Competitors with
unlimited entries in amateur events

Minimum Bid: $105
But It Now! $140
Current Bid:

Deluxe Crowne Plaza Hotel Package

Includes Standard King Room
on the Concierge Floor for 3 nights
Breakfast & Afternoon Hors D'oeuvres for 2

Minimum Bid: $275
Buy It Now! $325
Current Bid:

Full Spectator Package

Includes admission to all competitive
events, Saturday Evening Dinner
& Show, and Program

Minimum Bid: $60
Buy It Now! $80
Current Bid:

Black Braided Chignon
With Rhinestones

Minimum Bid: $20
Buy It Now! $60
Current Bid:

Dinner for Six Guests
 with Richard & Jeanine Knight

The Menu includes choice of:

Appetizers - Crab Meat Maison or Stuffed Mushrooms

Salad: Caesar, Raspberry Spinach, or Broccoliwith Roasted Seeds and White Raisins

Entree: Standing Prime Rib Roast, Roasted Leg of Lamb, or Creamy Scallops & Fennel over Linguini

Desert: LaBete Noire, Heaven & Hell Cake with Ganache, or Almond Cream Tart with Glazed Fruit

Minimum Bid: $225
Buy It Now: $375
Current Bid:

Buy It Now Price is their normal hourly fee!

Support the Gumbo Championships by purchasing
the lesson donated by Courtney and her instructors!

The following instructors at Courtney have donated a lesson:

Courtney Black
Van Vo
Johanna Collier
River Peterson
Lara Vasquez

The Instructors listed below have donated lessons for the Gumbo Fundraising Auction.  Lessons can be purchased as "Buy It Now" items at the instructor's regular lesson price.  In most cases, the purchase price includes the floor fee.  We  have commitments from additional instructors and they will be included as soon as we receive their vouchers.

The Instructors donating lessons are:
Kim Smith
(2 lessons available)

Steve Hadley
(2 lessons available)

Kathryn Schaffer

Chris Skates

Bill Anderson

Brad Petrie

Richard Stewart & Melanie Tichenor

Bryan Jordan

Heidi Batdorf

Ashley Goldman
(2 lesssons available)

Randy Hallner
(2 lessons available)

Tim Allen

Stela Howard

Stephan Howard

Margaret Lancaster

Michelle Boudreaux

Six Week Salsa Class With Darlene Allen

Choice of one of the following from
Grand Prix

Krystian or Patric Men’s Ballroom High Waist Pants
Made of premium UK stretch  gabardine. These pants have excess material at the back  and bottom so that you may tailor them for an ideal fit. Light, comfortable, and without restrictive pull. Available in black.

Amina Standard and Smooth Skirt
Made of Italian polyamide and elastane.
Available in black.

Viraj – Two Layer Standard Skirt with Cocquelles
Made of Italian polyamide and elastane.  Available in black with venzel.

Minimum bid: $75
Buy It Now: $160
Current Bid:

Video of 10 dances at
Gumbo DanceSport

By Dancing Videos

Minimum Bid: $75
Buy It Now: $100
Current Bid: $75



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