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February 16, 2015:

Are you ready for some Gumbo, as in Gumbo of Ballroom?  Well, the Gumbo team is ready for you to sign up and join us this coming June 26-28, 2015.  Registration is now open and the menu is set for a fantastic weekend.

Check our website at www.gumboofballroom.org to find out the details of what we have on the menu this year for all of our dancing friends, old and new ones.

In addition to the 2015 USA Dance Gumbo DanceSport Championships, which is a qualifier for the 2016 USA Dance National Championships, we will host the 2015 Senior IV USA Dance National Championships.  We are excited to hold this prestigious event for the third year and we look forward to the return of the 2014 champions to defend their titles.

But, that’s not all you can expect at the Gumbo this year!  For the first time the Gumbo is offering Senior III and IV WDSF Open Standard events.

Also, replacing Mixed Proficiency is the new Teacher Student category and the Gumbo has been selected as the site to launch a trial of this new era in USA Dance’s line up of competitive events.  For dancers who love competition and are without an amateur partner, this is an opportunity to experience the excitement and fun of the Gumbo of Ballroom with their instructor.  Please look up the rules for the Teacher Student category on the Gumbo of Ballroom website.  During the refinement of the complete set of rules and sanctioning rights of this new category, the Gumbo has been granted the right to establish sporting rules for Teacher Student at this year’s event.

Yes, we truly are a Gumbo this year, as we have events for all!

For more information about registration contact Charlie Clement at clementcr@live.com or Ann Durocher at fliprann@aol.com.

We hope to see you in June.


Ann, Charlie and the Gumbo Team

You may down load a registration package by clicking  Registration_Package_15.pdf
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The Gumbo Entry link may be accessed here.


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